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Industrial Boiler Parameter Monitoring and Control using Internet of Things


Somesh Patil, Mr.Onkar Gatkal, Rahul Patil, Darshana Bachhav, Prof.(Dr.) Mangesh Ghonge


Boilers, Internet of Things, NodeMCU, sensors, cloud.

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The need for power generation in India increases day by day due to various factors. Nearly 70% of the power production is from the industrial plants in various locations of the country. Monitoring and control of these power plants at all times is a must, since these industrial plants are operated continuously. Boiler is the major part of any industrial plants. Hence monitoring the boiler parameters such as temperature, pressure and humidity are of great importance in industrial plants. It is not always possible for continuous monitoring in the plant premises because of an unpleasant industrial environment. In this project it is proposed to develop remote monitoring and control of boiler parameters using wireless communication. The proposed method provides a complete solution for these constraints in remote monitoring by using various sensors for temperature, pressure and humidity measurement. This method uses Internet of Things (IoT) as the platform of communication. The proposed method also provides an option for monitoring and control even in remote location in addition to the control room. Internet of Things (IoT) will play a major role in the future concept of power plant integration. The proposed method will suit and provide a start-up initiation for this future concept.

Authors: Somesh Patil, Mr.Onkar Gatkal, Rahul Patil, Darshana Bachhav, Prof.(Dr.) Mangesh Ghonge Year: August 2019 | Volume: 6 | Issue: 1 | PageNo: 100-103

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